City Neighbors High School

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City Neighbors’ partnership with businesses and organizations allows our students the opportunity to explore their interests and passions and gain authentic work experience. One of our goals is for our students to experience the world inside and outside the classroom in authentic work environments while in the company of influential adults. By graduation, every student will have explored areas of interest and experienced life in the ‘real’ world in order for them to become the adults they imagine being.Internships begin during their junior year. Beginning sophomore year, students are placed one day a week to work at the partnership organization.

Partnership organizations assign a mentor to work with our students building a relationship that is key to the success of our program. Participating mentors receive the benefit of having our students work with them at no cost except for their efforts to teach and support the interns, which can prove to be a rewarding experience in itself. Students acquire new skills, knowledge, self-awareness, and confidence.