City Neighbors High School

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Arts Integration

CNHS’ education philosophy incorporates the arts (music, visual art, media arts and drama) into traditionally non-arts subjects as a way to enhance and invigorate learning. The overall goal of arts integration is for students to receive a deeper understanding of a general subject area while fostering an appreciation for a variety of art forms and the rich connections that all subjects have

The arts are valuable in a students’ education for many reasons – they promote critical thinking skills, creativity and problem solving, which are all valuable skills in every subject and in life. Arts integration fosters student engagement and interest, and allows students a variety of ways in which to demonstrate their knowledge of a given topic or subject. The arts curriculum is also enhanced through students consistently having the chance to apply their knowledge in artistic and personally meaningful ways. At City Neighbors High School, we are a community that understands the power of the arts as a tool for engaging students.